Planet M is split into two dimensions - the Material Plane and The Dreaming. The Dreaming is a world of boundless energy and spiritual beings, a place where past, present, and future merge into one. The Material Plane, home to most of the planet's inhabitants - humanoid, plant, and animal alike - has also seen the rise of many great civilizations.

After an event known as the Great Catastrophe - a natural disaster said to have destroyed the Phaedrian Civilization - the world became 80% aquatic, with most of civilization gathered close together on a large group of islands. This area, known as the Calm Region, makes up 70% of the planet, while the remaining 30% is called the Sea of Ruin and considered uninhabitable.

In the western part of the Calm Region lies the Laconian Federation, an aggressive nation known for its imperialist policies and high standard of living. To the north lies the Anzier Empire, the oldest lasting monarchy on the planet, its leadership still passed down through the bloodline of the original emperor. Although they have no desire to expand, their power is enough to keep Laconia in check. In the icy southern seas is the Nation of Malaga, devastated during the Etherium Wars, and still undergoing a slow process of rebuilding. To the east is the Wing Republic, a former island colony of Anzier, now a thriving independent merchant state. Further east is the holy site of Sindel Aerie, the birthplace of human civilization, and home to a great tower that has been under construction for hundreds of years.

Somewhere above the clouds there is said to be a floating continent, the site of the Holy Kingdom of Windgrace, home to Magistrate Zoroa, symbol of worship for millions of people. Since it is constantly moving, and made invisible by powerful magic, its location remains a secret.