Dreams - products of the unconscious mind. Spirits - the beginning or end of being. The Dreaming is the realm of both - not a separate world, but a parallel - another reality. The relationship between the two worlds is like the difference between what is potential and what is realized, between thought and action. The Dreaming is a world of boundless energy - energy that cycles to and from the Material Plane with a steady flow - just as spirits move between life and death, and minds shift between sleep and wake.

The Dreaming and the Material Plane are separated by the Veneer - both a barrier and a doorway between worlds. But the Veneer is not consistent, weaker in some places, or missing altogether in others. These are the places where the two worlds intrude upon one another forcefully - called Nexii where energy gushes from the Dreaming into the Material Plane, and called Gates where it is possible for one to travel from the Material Plane to the Dreaming. It is said that Gates and Nexii, in addition to existing in the spatial world, also exist within every individual, their personal doors into the world of dreams, or the spark that gives and sustains life.

The Dreaming does not exist above or below, inside or outside the Material Plane, but coincidentally - occupying the same space, but without time. In the Dreaming, past, present, and future are all one - making it the both the land of the dead and the land of the unborn, both the land of memory and the land of possibilities. The natives of the Dreaming - beings without physical bodies traveling between worlds, both as ephemeral as thought and as concrete as memory, are known as the Ibeni. The place where Ibeni gather - known as the "Kingdom of White Nights" is called Ibenyeti.