Age: Unknown

Race: Jotun

Affiliation: Nemesis

Status: Henchman

Specialties: Self-Styled Martial Arts & Grappling

Abandoned by his clan as a child because of severe mental deficiencies, Vice soon found himself the main attraction of a traveling variety show. People competed to see who could survive the longest in a cage with him before being incapacitated or killed. Vice was tortured, starved, and beaten relentlessly to nurture his rage and killing instinct, ensuring that the proprietor never lost a bet.

One day, after watching Vice maul a man with his bare hands, a visitor to the show made the proprietor a special offer. He bet that he could defeat Vice in unarmed combat; if he lost, then he would reward the proprietor with a large sum of money. If he won, however, then the proprietor would hand over custody of Vice to him. The visitor was none other than Nazarus, and although the proprietor had no way of knowing it, his “Invincible Savage” was fated to lose his first battle.

Infuriated at his loss, ordered his hired muscle to subdue Nazarus, accusing him of cheating. By sunset, the six mercenaries, two spectators, and the proprietor himself all fell to Nazarus’s might. Vice awoke during the onslaught, and although his disability allowed him no concrete understanding of what was happening, he recognized brute force and willingly followed Nazarus from the scene. He has been a member of Nemesis ever since...

Although small amongst Jotun, Vice is still very much a giant, his size alone giving him an overwhelming advantage in most combat situations. Since joining Nazarus, he has learned to channel his brute strength into a vast arsenal of close-combat techniques, forging him into a living weapon of incredible destructive power.

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