What is AWD?

A World Divided (AWD) is a story and world concept, revolving around the rich history and turbulent present of a world called Planet M. The concept is planned to serve as the framework for a roleplaying universe and multimedia project.

How did the AWD project start?

It started back in 1998 as a small-scale parody of fantasy/sci-fi and role-playing game cliches called "M-Knights". From there it began to expand and evolve, taking on an all new character, becoming an epic saga. A good visual representation of how much AWD has evolved since its beginnings can be seen through the various renditions of one of the main characters, Will Ramses, who was originally called "Cannon Blue". Click Here to check it out.

What kind of story is AWD?

AWD actually spans a few different genres. Parts of it clearly qualify as "fantasy" - in spite of the modern-to-futuristic settings, and other parts qualify as science-fiction, as it delves into more specific concepts. It begins on a relatively light-hearted note, with heroic characters embarking on random adventures (End of Innocence), then develops into a deeply political and philosophical storyline, addressing such themes as fate and the meaning of life. Still, it is intended to remain accessible to all audiences, regardless of its depth.

What are some of the inspirations behind AWD?

Try as I may to claim AWD is a 100% original story, it would never have come into being without inspiration from the creative genius of many different people. Video games such as the Phantasy Star Series, with its "science-fantasy" setting, the Suikoden series with its cultural diversity, and Xenogears in how it raised the bar for game storylines have all been a great source of inspiration. I have also drawn inspiration from some of my favorite books, such as those written by the late Octavia Butler, Terry Brooks, and Neil Gaiman. Still, as it would be a dishonor to all of the great people behind my inspiration to steal from them, I have worked tirelessly to make AWD as original a work as I can. The outside influences will be felt, but I hope never to cross that forbidden line.

Is the story of AWD already planned out?

The primary details of all of the major sagas have already been written. The series is intended to have a specific beginning, middle, and ending, and will not carry on endlessly just so the creators have something to do. The overall plot has an epic resolution, one that I am greatly looking forward to revealing to everyone. That's actually the whole motivation behind the project.

Is there a set schedule for any of the projects?

The progress of AWD depends upon the devotion of the people involved. The web episodes will be the first thing completed, as I can do them entirely myself. I am only the writer and concept creator, so a lot of it also relies upon artists, musicians, programmers, graphics designers, and other creative personnel to flesh out what I've written through other media.

If you have any other questions you'd like to see answered here, be sure to contact the project director.

Project AWD is always looking to recruit new creative personnel to assist in its development. In particular, we are interested in writers, character artists, background/environment artists, comic book artists, graphic designers, 3-D modellers, 2D animators, 3D animators, game programmers, musicians, and sound designers. If you are interested in participating in the project by contributing your expertise - even if it is not listed here - be sure to contact the project director.

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